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Juan Zafra also known as “DJ LS” was born in Bogota, Colombia, but was raised in Miami all his life, and spent the last 27 years entrenched in the multicultural melting pot that is South Florida.Through his upbringing Juan has been witness to what is one of the worldʼs greatest epicenters of expression. Being of Colombian decent naturally gave him the gift of rhythm, expression and art. Juan was born to perform, and for the past 9 years has rocketed as a local artist and performer.Starting off as a mobile dj with just a laptop and a few speakers, Juan one day decided to enter the mainstream scene. He made it his goal to become a well known dj in the nightclub circuit. 3 years later not only has Juan become one of South Floridaʼs well known night club dj but has developed a new talents. Juan is now an emcee, event host, a public speaker and entertainer. 

An on air personality for POWER 96 - WPOW, one of South Florida's top 3 radio stations, with a BA, IB, and an MBA in Marketing, Juan brings an unprecedented level of professionalism, crowd intuition, and practiced management skills to the stage. Juan has stood in front of crowds exceeding 3,000: from hosting Vegas-style Performances, Fashion Shows, Charity Events, to Sports Rallies, Juan is versatile, interactive, and undeniably a crowd pleaser. You might recognize him from the T.O Show and Travel Channel. A certified, and experienced DJ, and VJ, Juan Animates, Spins, Scratches, Visually stimulates and Hosts, sometimes even all at the same time! Juan Zafra, a.k.a DJ LS plays a wide musical range: from Latin sounds, house beats, to club hits; Hip-hop, old school and new school, and everything in between. DJ LS has spun in South Florida's Hottest spots, and respected venues, such as The Estefan's Bongoʼs Café, Ultra Lounge, Miami Beach Convention Center, The Bentley hotel, Nocturnal, and is currently the resident Host and DJ of South Beach iconic landmark: The Clevelander hotel. 

Juan is working harder than ever before to expand his reach, talents and mark. He is a student of music, and entertainment, and has barely scratched the surface. Juan Zafra is well on his way to breaking through. Join the movement and be a part of the success and experience known only as, DJ LS.

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